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AI Powered Self-Fitting
Hearing Aids Platform

We’re Changing How the World Thinks About Hearing Care

At Tuned, we're redefining hearing care, making it accessible and affordable for everyone. Our AI-powered hearing solution engages, motivates, and educates users, maximizing the benefits of their hearing rehabilitation.

Effortless Onboarding and Accurate Hearing Evaluation

Revolutionizing the onboarding experience, our AI-enhanced smartphone app empowers users with guided, self-administered hearing evaluation from the comfort of their homes. In just 20 minutes, they're up and running with a personalized hearing aid, expertly tuned to their unique hearing needs.

Leveraging AI technology, we offer self-service guidance throughout the hearing aid fitting and rehabilitation process.

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Self-Service Support with Tuned’s AI Hearing Assistant

Experience cost savings, call center deflection, and increased customer satisfaction with Tuned's AI Hearing Assistant.

Tuned's patented, advanced AI Hearing Assistant, tackles real-world audiological issues, providing real-time, accurate solutions. The Hearing Assistant guides and trains users throughout their journey, capable of making hearing aid adjustments as well as troubleshooting problems and providing informative answers to customer questions.

Tuned's AI Hearing Assistant offers 24/7 support from the app, significantly reducing the need for in-person meetings and call center engagements. 

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Transforming Teleaudiology with Tuned’s Remote Support

Our Remote Support Platform empowers hearing care professionals to remotely connect to users through the app, optimizing fitting and resolving sound-related issues. Real-time control allows personalized solutions, ensuring an enhanced hearing experience for clients. Access comprehensive Customer Relationship Management data for data-driven decisions and tailored recommendations.

Data-Driven Excellence:
Tuned's Analytics Platform

Leverage Big Data insights with Tuned's Analytics Platform.

Automated detection of usage patterns enables proactive interventions and excellent customer satisfaction. Predict churn and optimize fitting adjustments with Machine Learning algorithms. Maximize retention and elevate your hearing care services with Tuned's data-driven excellence.

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"The newly (FDA) approved app-powered hearing aid solution engages, motivates, and educates users, maximizing the benefits of their hearing rehabilitation journeys".
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  • How is tuned different from other OTC hearing aids?
    While many OTC hearing aids include an app that covers some or all of the onboarding experience, Tuned is the only solution covering the entire rehabilitation process. This includes guided video instructions, accurate self-administered hearing evaluation, a 24/7 AI self-service hearing assistant, auditory training and healthy habit formation tools and fully remote device control by professional staff.
  • Which hardware is Tuned compatible with?
    Tuned is a hardware agnostic platform that can connect to any BLE-enabled hearing aid. We’re fully integrated with devices based on specific Onsemi chip models and are constantly working to extend our compatibility with other devices.
  • Is tuned an FDA cleared medical device?
    Yes, the Tune hearing system has received FDA 510K clearance as a medical device self-fitting OTC hearing aids.
  • How accurate is the Tuned self hearing evaluation?
    According to verification and validation tests that were done the Tuned hearing evaluation meets ANSI 3.6 - Requirements for Audiometers. Moreover, in a clinical study on adults with hearing loss the Tuned self hearing evaluation results were within 6 dB compared to traditional audiometry by a professional.
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