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Self-fitting hearing aids getting smarter over time

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The need

We know that this journey
to hear better can be difficult...
Here’s how we can make it
a little easier 

TUNED uses advanced algorithms to help you hear better in any situation.
We will accompany you on your journey to improve your hearing and give you all the information and support you need to enjoy the best moments of your life.

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Easy to use

  • Self-fitting & ongoing tuning 

  • Gradual adaptive sound personalization based on the user’s profile

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  • 24/7 AI support at every step of the hearing journey

  • Hearing & experience improving over time based on usage patterns & data

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  • Low touch setup savings transferred
    to consumer

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Our product




Advanced Hearing Aid technology is with you every step of the way on your hearing journey

Would you like to have your personal audiologist with you 24/7? 
This is now possible with the world’s first patented artificial intelligence algorithm! 
Our AI algorithm was developed by a team of audiologists with vast experience in hearing aid fitting and audiologic rehabilitation, giving you access to the best knowledge and service.
Our AI algorithm doesn’t just give you real-time solutions regarding your hearing aid fitting and troubleshooting solutions, it also accompanies you every step of the way for better hearing and a fuller life.

And don’t worry. You can always consult our team of professional hearing experts using our built in remote support service.

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The solution

TUNED’s smartphone app provides a guided self- administered hearing test to tune your hearing aids based on your personal hearing profile

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TUNED’s AI chatbot detects and resolves hundreds of common hearing aid calibration and fitting problems, 24/7

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TUNED’s gradual adaptive fitting ensures an optimal acclimatization process based on real data from thousands of users. You know you are getting the best possible hearing solution


Hearing programs are personalized to your individual needs

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Live Remote Support by professional hearing experts ensures swift service and an optimal fitting care experience

Premium Hearing without Burning a Hole in your Pocket

Buying a hearing aid has always been a frustrating and lengthy process. Getting and professionally fitting your hearing aid takes repeated visits to the hearing clinic, wasting precious time. And it doesn’t stop there, because you need repeated visits to an audiologist as time progresses.

We packed TUNED with years’ worth of professional audiological experience, empowering you to get the same clinical grade hearing solution at an affordable price:

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Best-of breed hearing aid

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Self-fitting tools for personalized hearing aid tuning

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AI chatbot, 24/7 at the palm of your hand, for continuous support and optimization of your hearing experience

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Live Remote Support by professional hearing experts

Premium hearing

Leadership Team

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Omri profile_edited.jpg

Omri Gavish
Founder / CEO

  • CO-Founded & CEO AudioCare (Acq by GET)

  • Regional Sales and business partners manager, Comverse

  • Lawyer with commercial & Sales experience

BIKH6336 Ron.jpg

Ron Ganot

Founder / CTO

  • CO-Founded AudioCare (Acq by GET)

  • Head of audiology, Rabin medical center and 

  • Head of audiology engineering department at Clalit group


Amit Ben


  • Co-Founded & CTO,
    NanoRep AI self-service (Acq by LOGM)

  • Global Head of AI,
    LogMeIn (Acq by FP)

Contact us
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Want to hear more about our product?

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